“Prayer is art; art is prayer. Both are creative expressions that fulfill the impulse to communicate. Art and prayer are expressions of creativity that are demonstrated in joyful praise and humble supplication. Both lift up the mind and heart to God. The communication between the artist and the viewer occurs with God as the meeting place for both. God is the One who makes this marriage happen.”

-Beauty: A Path to God, p. 20

Art Ministry

The Art Ministry can help open the door for people to experience a life in the Spirit, in which we find transformative and renewing possibilities, restored hope, true joy, and a greater appreciation and acceptance of life. By creating what are inspired and beautiful works, an artist has the capacity to create encounters with the divine, which can provide opportunities for peace, hope, encouragement, healing, rest, reflection, and prayer.

Art is a rich resource for developing one’s prayer life and openness to the work of the Holy Spirit. The artist (we are all to live as artists in the sense that we are, together with the Lord, called to be “craftsmen” of our lives) must respond to the inspiration given by God.

The work of the arts/creativity in nourishing the human spirit is sometimes a hidden work, accomplished slowly. Yet, each small step, each encounter with beauty, has an amazing transformative power for the health, growth, and overall well-being of a soul.

Megan Chalfant

Director, Resident Artist

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