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P - E - A - C - E

Partnership: We walk with you through the fluctuations of your journey and provide the necessary resources to keep you moving forward.

Encouragement: We help you navigate and elevate the beliefs that spur positive job search results as well as eliminate the beliefs that hinder success.

Accountability: We only work with those committed to their job search. Failure to adhere to guidelines will result in deferment of services.

Community: We ask you to pay it forward and help others within the community by small acts of kindness or volunteering.

Empowerment: We believe everyone is fully capable to thrive (not just survive) on their way to gainful employment. Through coaching, guidance and resources, we empower you to achieve job search success.


Career Ministry

The Career Ministry offers spiritual support and job search coaching to the unemployed, under-employed and workers at risk. Founded on the building blocks of Partnership, Encouragement, Accountability, Community and Empowerment (PEACE), our job seekers are enabled to successfully find and secure a job.

For more information or to setup your first appointment, please contact Molly Roman at

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