About Megan Chalfant

Megan is a 2D artist specializing in drawing and mixed media work; she earned her BA in both Drawing and French in 2016 from Ball State University. Since graduating has sought to be continually learning and improving her craft, focusing both on honing her technique and enriching her concepts. Her studies lead her to dive into the theology of beauty and the spirituality of creativity, for which she has developed a passion. While she would define herself as a Catholic artist, she believes her themes relate much more broadly to the human experience, its inherent desire for beauty, and for the transformation and healing which beauty brings. Her work now balances between a studio practice rooted in contemplative prayer/reflection and a ministry of creative mentorship and direction. She is pursuing a Spiritual Direction Certificate with the Avila Institute through which she will be formed to aid souls in their search for peace, purpose, and direction in their spiritual walk. She has lived and worked in Alaska, Colorado, and the Midwest, where she is currently based.

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