Examples of care include:

  • creative outlets for mental well-being and spiritual growth

  • mothers support and lactation consultation

  • gardening to contribute to physical, mental, and spiritual health of the body

  • a safe space for youth aging out of the foster care system to continue their walk with Christ and learn life skills that will progress them to the next stage on their journey

  • education on basic nutrition, cooking, and food preservation

  • stewardship and hospitality of the house and it’s guests

  • a continuum of care for one’s self and others in our community

  • socialization and companionship opportunities for senior citizens

The Mission House

The Mission House of Associated Churches combines several ministries together into one safe, space to form a unique and specialized program that focuses on encouraging and supporting vulnerable populations in our community. The intention is to strengthen their spiritual and well-being journey with a core focus of spirituality, hospitality, creativity, and nutrition.

Each ministry will mutually benefit from the other’s mission and services by being cared for under one roof. The Mission House embraces the idea that health is created by the mental, physical, social, and spiritual dimensions of our lives and that they all interact together in a beautiful and complex whole.


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