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Gardening Lesson

Examples of care include:

  • creative outlets for mental well-being and spiritual growth, such as visual art, performing art, culinary art, arts and crafts, gardening, etc.  

  • mothers support ministry, lactation consultation, and nutritional education

  • gardening to contribute to the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the body

  • a safe space for youth aging out of the foster care system to continue their walk with Christ and learn life skills that will progress them to the next stage on their journey

  • education on basic nutrition, cooking, and food preservation in the learning kitchen

  • a continuum of care for one’s self and others in our community

The Mission House

The Mission House of Associated Churches combines several ministries together into one safe space forming a unique and specialized program that focuses on encouraging and supporting individuals in our community. The intention is to strengthen their spiritual and well-being journey with a core focus of spirituality, hospitality, creativity, and nutrition.

Each ministry is mutually benefited from the other’s mission and services by being cared for under one roof. The Mission House embraces the idea that health is created by the mental, physical, social, and spiritual dimensions of our lives and that they all interact together in a beautiful and complex whole.

The Mission House can serve multiple groups in different areas of care. There is a greenhouse for planting and harvesting fresh food. The garden items are prepared in the learning kitchen. Cooking a meal with others is a simple way to connect. The space inside the house is setup for group or individual ministry. Private rooms can create a time of rest and reflection. The opportunities are endless for us to serve others and share God's love at The Mission House.


Megan Chalfant

Resident Artist at The Mission House

A New and Unique Program

Associated Churches invites Resident Artists to join The Mission House for a unique program. In the Resident Artist program, the artist has an opportunity to wholeheartedly pursue their art while at the same time exploring how their vocation as an artist can serve and enrich the lives of individuals around them. They provide spiritual guidance and mentorship. In this dual work of art-making and exploring the art of living, the goal of serving at the Mission House is to help individuals find a renewed sense of vision, hope, and purpose.

What is a Resident Artist?

Resident Artists live with intention and craft a life that speaks of God's goodness. They create artwork that draws others into a life of prayer and openness to God by inspiring others to embrace their unique creativity and to live out of this identity as a craftsman of their life. By fostering the interior life through means of creative expression, resident artists promote others to work towards the goal of a greater union with God and the co-creation of their lives with the Holy Spirit.

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