Connect To A Chaplain

Let's connect and talk about how we can care for you. We can meet virtually or in-person. In-person meetings take place in a neutral space for safe one-on-one conversations. Virtual visits can happen by phone, email, or video chat. It is your journey and we are here to support you.

Chaplains and Care Companions

We all need care from time to time.  We all need companionship. As the song goes, "We all need someone to lean on." It is always great to have a friend or family member or someone we know well to give us support. Sometimes though, we need someone from outside of our social or work circles to offer care and support. We need someone with no agenda for our life, except our own well-being, someone who will not be judgmental. A companion who is just there to support us through our journey and the difficult times. If you need support then a Chaplain or Care Companion is here to support you.

We have all been through difficult times. Perhaps, you lost someone close to you. Perhaps, you are struggling with the emotions of the past year. Maybe you lost a job. Perhaps, you lost your way in life or your faith. Sometimes you just need a little emotional or spiritual support and care. Care Companions are here for you. Please note, we are not counselors or therapists. We are Chaplains and Spiritual Companions trained to listen and meet you where you are on your journey.


Chaplain, Care Companion

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