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Abel's Offering

Abel’s Offering is dedicated to improving food security in Northeast Indiana through community gardening. The goal is to promote involvement in local community gardens, encourage the donation of fresh, locally-grown produce to hunger relief efforts, and aid in the establishment and sustainability of new community gardens.

Community gardens create a space for gardening, teaching, holistic care, mindfulness, and God's teachings. There are many benefits to community gardening and we would like to make that space for you, churches, and our neighbors.   

Why the name?

When someone hears the name “Abel,” they might associate him with his brother Cain. While there are many lessons that can be learned from the story of Cain and Abel, Abel’s offering stands out as a model for how to give.

  • Abel gave his best.  He gave what was the most desirable – not what was unwanted.

  • Abel gave deliberately.  He gave first – not what was left over.

  • Abel gave willingly.  He gave because it was the right thing to do – not begrudgingly or out of guilt.

​Giving your best, deliberately and willingly. That is the story of Abel’s offering and the example to which we aspire.


How to Contribute to the Goal

1. List your community garden
It’s easy! Fill out the form with the details of your garden and we will add it to the map and listing. 

Create A Listing


2. Join a community garden
Do you have a passion for gardening? Join a community garden to fill your heart with joy and spirit. Invest in a space to grow vegetables and your soul, while surrounded by others that share your interest. 

Map of Community Gardens


3. Start a community garden

Beginning your journey of starting a community garden can be intimidating. Jared Foote, Director of Abel's Offering, can help you on this journey with suggestions on size, water source, soil integrity, etc. 

Contact Jared Foote

4. Donate your harvest

Your harvest can be shared with others. Whether you grow vegetables, flowers, or herbs prayerfully consider giving your best offering to a hungry family that visits a food pantry.

Find a Local Food Pantry 

5. Make a financial donation
Make your dollar go further. Give a financial donation and Associated Churches Neighborhood Food Network will purchase bulk items for the 25 food pantries that are located throughout Allen County.

Donate to the Neighborhood Food Network


Map Key

Click on the icons in the map for descriptions, hours, and more information.


Public Community Garden


Private Community Garden


Food Pantry

Map of Communit Gardens


Director of Abel's Offering

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