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The Mission House

Previous Planning

Last year, Associated Churches discovered a new need in Allen County that required attention. The youth attending our Celebrate Recovery program for teens called, The Landing, are now aging out of this program at 19 years old. A good share of them have been with us from the beginning of The Landing (4 years ago). They call us family and we consider them ours. We have grown together and developed a strong bond, yet it is clear they need extended support. At this crucial time in their development as young adults, we do not want to leave them behind.

The brainstorming began and a decision was made. In October of 2019, during our 75th Anniversary Celebration, it was announced that the house next to Associated Churches at 624 E. Wayne St. would be demolished and risen anew. This house was donated to Associated Churches and sat empty for a few years. With prayerful consideration, the answer was clear to utilize this house for God’s Glory and to do the work of the Kingdom in our community.

Current Development

The previous house was demolished in October of 2019. Then, the excavator came in January of 2020 to dig the basement. Construction for the new Associated Churches’ Mission House will begin in February with an outlook of completion for July 2020.

Anticipated Outcome

The new Mission House will aid more than our youth. Our plans have grown and we are excited to incorporate much more than intended at the beginning of planning. We hope to provide a space to gather, break bread, and incorporate God’s lessons. This house will be a place of discipleship, a POD.

Mission House Planning

Left to Right: Rodney Robrock, owner of RW Robrock Design-Build, Inc., Rev. Roger Reece, Executive Director, Kurt Beuchel, Board Member, and Jim Bushey, Board Member discuss the Mission House’s outlined layout and eventual construction.

Each room will have a subsidiary purpose. The greenhouse, in the back yard, will provide fresh food to cook in the teaching kitchen. The great room will include opportunities for therapy, counseling, and well-being programs.

This Mission House will provide a catalyst for neighborhood and community development, stimulating social interaction, encouraging self-reliance, mentoring the production of nutritious food, and creating opportunities for therapy and education. We believe the Mission House will enhance and strengthen our community. It will be a place where life stories are shared, interpersonal growth nurtured, and God is always present.

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