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Pacer’s Mad Ants Donate Christmas Gifts to Military Families Through Associated Churches

Pacers Sports and Entertainment, through the Mad Ants, has recently donated $6,600 worth of toys to Associated Churches’ Military Families Program for Christmas. This is the 5th year they have donated gifts to support military families during the holidays. Their gifts provide joy and blessings to so many families that have found it hard to purchase their own presents.

When asking Tim Bawmann, Mad Ants’ President, how he felt about those gifts going to struggling military families, he said, “Being able to provide special gifts during this separation is the least anyone can do. They support us. We should all support them. With COVID-19 things are even worse this year. Millions of people are out of work. Millions of people are hungry. I believe it is our duty to pick others up when they are down.”

Tim continues to say, “My mom always made Christmas so special in my house. I just hope that what we are able to do can help give those some of the feelings I had as a child. Everyone should wake up on Christmas morning with the excitement of wanting to rush down to the tree to see what lies underneath with smiles and making someone feel loved.”

The Pacers Sports and Entertainment, through the Mad Ants, are committed to making our community better and their generous gifts during Christmas have sure proven this! Associated Churches appreciates their support to our Military Families Program.


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