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A Marine's Difficult Path to Find God

Noah’s home life had been difficult. He was dealing with the abandonment of his mother and his anger started to overtake his life. After one particular episode of anger, he was placed in the juvenile system at Pierceton Woods Academy. As he progressed through their treatment program, he moved to Spencer Home, a residential space for youth approaching emancipation. Noah was learning life skills on how to deal with his anger, but was also struggling with the hopelessness and despair he felt from the loss of his relationship with his mother.

While at Spencer Home and attending The Landing, he began to have an understanding of God. However, he did not really understand the significance of prayer, reading scripture, and building a personal relationship with Christ. Through the lessons of The Landing and the friendships he built there, he laid the foundation for the transformation that would later happen in his life.

Noah became more hopeful and started looking towards his future. After he left his treatment program, he entered into the Marines. Noah kept the relationships he had developed while at The Landing and corresponded with his mentors. Basic Training was difficult and he asked his mentors to continue to write to him with encouragement. In one letter, a Bible scripture was shared that had a profound impact on Noah. It read, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). This scripture became a mantra for him as he struggled in Basic Training. Noah started reading the Psalms for additional strength. Each week a Psalm is read at The Landing and for Noah that repetitive message of hope became a daily practice of spending time in the Bible while at Basic Training. His transformation was so profound that other recruits began asking him how he found his hope, strength, and endurance. Noah pointed them to his relationship with Jesus and the impact praying and reading Psalms had on him.

Noah recently graduated Basic Training as a Marine and has shared his story with us at The Landing. His relationship with Jesus has allowed him to forgive his mother. With the tools he received while attending The Landing, he is thriving in his relationship with Christ and sharing that path with other young men that are struggling. This 18 year old young man is a testimony of the transformational power of God’s love.

Watch Noah talk about his experience in this video.

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